Opening the Church Building-An Evolving Discussion

The Administrative Council has been working diligently since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic closing. The biggest question on everyone’s minds is, how are we going to open the Church Building? That’s a loaded question that has been evolving as we learn more from experts and the trial and errors from West Michigan’s communities. Attached in this email is a document prepared by the Ad Council. This document was studied by a few members of the council and then presented to the council as a whole. These are the collective thoughts of the Ad council and they wanted to share with the congregation so we could all have a better understanding of our opening process.
Now, please keep in mind, this document is over a month old and was prepared with previous knowledge. As we learn more, a revision of this document will be sent out again. How they answered these questions a month ago isn’t necessarily how they would answer them today. We thank you for your patience and confidence as we navigate these times together. Revisions of this document (with updated answers) will be emailed out as the council learns more. Thank you!